How to Use a Travel Router

A travel router can be one of the easiest solutions to save time while on the go. This is why you would need to consider such a device if you want to save time and effort while on the road. In order to understand the technology, you will need to see how the router works and how it actually saves you time.

This is where you would see the router as a solution to all of your connectivity needs while traveling. For example, if you have multiple devices which need to connect to the internet while in a hotel, you can actually eliminate the time needed to configure all of the devices and connect them to the network of the hotel.

Since you can create the connection and automatically save it before traveling, it can be one of the best solutions when it comes to automatically synchronizing all of your devices. You would only need to connect your router to the local network and all of the other devices would then connect automatically to the device.

What to use the router for?

When it comes to choosing the best travel router, you will see that there are some options which come with multiple functionalities. Thus, it is not unusual to see a travel router which can cover:

  • Access point
  • Router
  • Repeater

Thus, you will be able to use the router as an access point. This will prove to be one of the best options when it comes to transforming the wired connection into a wireless connection. The router mode can also prove a useful functionality.

If you don’t have a modem, you can simply connect the cable to the device to use it as a router. A repeater function can also be useful in certain situations. For example, you will be able to improve the signals in the areas it would usually struggle to cover.

How to set up a travel router

There are multiple methods to actually set up the router . But you will need to look for the best options when it comes to good time management. This will mean that you would be advised to actually set up the router before you leave on the road.

The first step you need to take is to actually connect to the router either with the cabled connection or with the wireless connectivity. To do this, you will need to open your internet browser and type the router IP which would be similar to

You will most likely need to type in an admin name and a password. To find these details you will need to actually look at the product description your product comes with. This means that you will find the login details which will allow you to access the settings are of the router.

A good practice at this stage is to simply upgrade your login details. This is a good practice for safety reasons as you should not use the default login details.

For the next step, you will need to set up the operation mode. For the router mode, you will need to enable the function through the setup wizard. For the access point mode, you will need to follow the same wizard process.

You will note that you will even have the possibility to disable the visibility of your connected devices by other people in the area. For the repeater mode, you will need to access the repeater tab in the menu and follow the setup wizard.

Top benefits of a travel router

When it comes to finding real solutions for your travel connectivity, you will need to ensure you minimize the costs of your overall data requirements for all of your devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets. This is why the travel router represents a solid option which will save you time and space as they come in a compact size.

The most important tip is to actually go through the setup before you actually leave on the trip. However, if this is not possible, you should not spend more than 10 minutes setting up all the functionalities of the router while away from home. This means that you will be in control of the process and that you will have the ability to actually set up individual functionalities from the 3 most popular functions as you need them.

Safety concerns

You should also remember that creating any new public network can come with some security risks. This is why it will prove essential to actually ensure that you update your login information as often as possible.

This will keep you secure, especially if you travel in the same location frequently. Furthermore, you should also consider the safety tips of the setup wizard which will allow you to actually improve your overall protection against possible attacks.

This means that you will be able to disable characteristics such as device visibility and this will ensure that all of the devices which are connected are not actually visible to the public. Furthermore, you can protect yourself by disabling the file sharing options for some local data which might have people see your favorite music playlists for example. This is why you should always follow the recommendations of the travel router manufacturer.

The best practices thus include small steps which can prove crucial. The best part is that you will not have to go through this setup process every time as the devices you connect to the router can automatically recognize the device.

To this, you will need to ensure you enable the connect automatically option the first time you connect to the network.

This is why it will prove important to find the time to do this before you live on the trip as it will save you precious time when away from home. You should also note that you can allow other devices to connect to the router if you give the network password to people around you. This will allow you to share the connection with friends or family.

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  1. Great article about travel routers. I kind of wish I had one on the couple of trips I took back in September or when I went to New Orleans about this time last year. I don’t like using open and un-secure public networks such as at a hotel or a restaurant and I like that you can make a portable router secure such as disabling file sharing. What devices do you tend to use the most with a travel router? For me, it would be my smartphone and tablet.

    1. Yep, me too! iPhone and iPad. I work with a prepaid service, so I don’t always have internet and I heavily rely on public networks, but like you say, I worry about the safety of those networks.

  2. Great information! love the page and very informative especially for those who travel a lot and are on the go!

    1. Glad you like it Sarah!

  3. Wow, this is a great option for traveling. When my family travels, we all have multiple devices. The kids each have a phone and a tablet, and I usually travel with a laptop. So when we add it all up, we can have 7-8 devices for a family of four. As sad as that is, it is true! I have been looking for a way to make it easier to set up when we arrive at a hotel. This sounds like a great option. If I have this all down right, we can set up our devices to the router before we leave, then just set up the router when we get to our destination? Sounds perfect. Thank you so much for sharing this post.

    1. Yep, that’s it. Easy right? When selecting a travel router though, make sure that it supports enough devices. Especially in your family’s situation!

  4. Hello there! Me and my family are planning to go to Las Vegas this weekend and we’re going to stay to my relatives over there. They don’t have wifi but they do have internet connection. I’m looking forward to buy a travel router so I could use it when we go there. I don’t know how travel router works but luckily I read your article. I found your guide very informative and helpful. Setting up travel router is easy, I thought it was hard. Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. You are very welcome John! Awesome, Las Vegas! I’m going there myself in February, really looking forward to it.

  5. I was in look of a travel router as I’m travel relatively often and I always find myself switching sim cards, that’s why I thought getting a travel router is the solution!
    I have a question though. You said that the router can connect to the local network, which would connect to all your devices. Does the local network mean Wifi or the cellular network?
    Can you also recommend some good and user-friendly travel router that I can use?
    Thanks and really great article!

    1. It really depends on your needs and budget which router is best for you. There are routers that pick up existing WiFi networks and enhance & secure them. There are also routers that work with a SIM card and therefor work on a cellular network.

  6. Hi Linda

    I love the sound of a travel router as in this day and age we just can’t live without wifi, even while on holiday.

    I have a question, sorry I’m not very tech savvy, but how do you get wifi? Do you need to pay for a mobile plan to have wifi on the go while on holiday? And if we are travelling internationally how will this work?

    1. There are a few options, but they depend on the type of router you have. There are travel routers that work as repeaters. So they find an existing WiFi network and make it stronger and secure. There are those that work with a sim card, for which you would need access to data, either prepaid or through a plan. And there are those that offer both those options and a connection to ethernet, meaning you can plugin any cable and create WiFi where there is only cabled internet.

      For holiday you can usually buy a local sim to get data. Some offer pay as you go, others offer unlimited plans for a certain amount of time.

  7. I travel a lot for work and I am always looking for things to make my work easier and more secure.

    A travel router sounds like it might be something I could use. However I have not really heard of them before.

    I am a bit confused. Is this like a mobile hot spot, or more like a home router that needs an internet connection?

    If this is like a mobile hot spot, do have a recommendation for one over another?

    1. It can be both. Most routers have the ability to pick up existing WiFi connections and secure them, while also being able to insert a SIM card for it to be used as a mobile hotspot. You can even level up and get a MiFi router that does both AND has the ability to be connected to wired internet to create a WiFi signal.

  8. Hello there:)
    This looks like a very helpful device especially for those who are on the road all time:)
    I am not in a very good relationship with the technology but I can see that this travel router saves you a lot of time. Even if you don’t like, the life is like this and you have to use while travelling your smartphone, laptop, maybe another device, so this helps you a lot.
    So Thanks for a very informative article and I will have a look and I am sure back for more details, to understand how it works, what you need for.
    Have a good day

    1. Happy to help Cristina!

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