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What Happens When You Reset Your Router?

Resetting is different to rebooting a router. Rebooting means that you turn the router off then on again to cycle the power. But what happens when you reset your router exactly? You WiFi router manual probably says that resetting means switching the device back to its original setup, which is…

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What Does a Router Look Like?

A lot of people confuse modems with routers and vice versa. Many people who are beginners in this field often ask “what does a router look like?” In this article, you are going to learn what the difference is between modems and routers and get a better understanding of the…

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What Does WPS Mean on a Router?

Do you ever wonder “what does WPS mean on a router?” Your new WiFi router works fine by itself after you have configured it. But what does that other button do? Why is it there near the Ethernet, USB and other connectivity ports? To save you from guessing, this article…

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